# What is ClickVisual

ClickVisual is a lightweight and open-source visual platform for log query, analysis and alarm. It is committed to providing a visual solution for one-stop application reliability. It can be deployed independently or integrated into a third-party system as a plug-in. At present, it is the only kibana like business log query platform that supports ClickHouse in the market.

# Features

  • ClickVisual has visual panels to query hit histogram and original log.
  • ClickVisual supports the function of setting log indexes and analyzing the proportion of different indexes.
  • The visual VS code style configuration center can easily synchronize the logagent configuration to the kubernetes cluster configmap.
  • Support GitHub and gitlab authorized login.
  • ClickVisual supports proxy auth function and can be easily integrated into third-party systems.
  • Support physical machine, docker and kubernetes deployment.
  • Support real-time alarm function based on ClickHouse log.

# Technical architecture

# ClickVisual UI

# Log query

# Visual configuration

# Adding alarm rule

# Alarms history

# Use Case Scenarios

  • Log query
  • Log alarm
  • Configuration delivery
  • Quick integration
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